Oklahoma Graduate Business Schools

Oklahoma Graduate Business Schools

Oklahoma Graduate Business Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma

The Price College of Business ranked 48th among all business schools in the country in the most recent US News and World Report. The college is located in Norman, Oklahoma and offers a wide variety of business-related disciplines for graduate and undergraduate students pursuing degrees. The school believes in an education in which business students are able to learn about the most cutting-edge ideas and issues in business while incorporating current technology. The school also believes that the community is important, and it encourages students to get involved and take internships with local businesses and organizations for experiential learning.

MS in Management Information Systems:

Graduate students prepare for careers as systems analysts or consultants. This education has two facets. First, students become aware of current issues in the information technology world. Students learn about the most current technology. They also learn leadership and management skills. Students who go through this program not only acquire advanced understanding of computer software and operation systems, but also of group and organizational dynamic and psychology. Students who complete this program work as managers and leaders in the information technology profession. Many also go on to pursue PhD's in Information Systems learning.

PhD in Finance:

Students begin with an advanced education in broad-level business topics, such as economics, corporate structure, analysis, management, marketing, and leadership. Students focus on how a company is funded. They learn to assess risk and weight the potential of awards. Students also receive an education in business ethics and business law. Students who complete this PhD often end up in executive positions. Others teach at undergraduate and graduate levels of prestigious universities.

Contact Information:

Address: 307 West Brooks, Norman, OK 73019

Phone Number: (405) 325-3611

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

The Spears School of Business believes that business students need an education that provides them with knowledge and understanding of current technology. The school also believes that students need to be able to work within groups and lead groups. Finally, the school understands the importance of providing students the opportunity to develop international relationships and learn cross-cultural business communication. The school offers a wide range of interests and disciplines for undergraduate and graduate business students working toward degrees.

Masters of Science in Economics:

This program trains graduate students first in the core issues and topics of economics. Students take courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic history, and the philosophy of economics. Students learn both contemporary research methods and practical applications for economics. Students work closely with faculty as they use their knowledge to tackle key economic issues and challenges. Many students who complete this program go on to pursue PhD's in Economics. Some end up in management or executive positions, while other become analysts and consultants.

Contact Information:

Address: Stillwater, OK 74078

Phone Number: (405) 744-5064

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