Oklahoma Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Oklahoma Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Oklahoma Graduate Education Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

The College of Education and Professional Studies at the University of Central Oklahoma

Students are able to choose from a wide array of disciplines and to study a number of different methods and techniques. The school offers programs for undergraduate and graduate students. The school also offers flexible schedules for working professionals. The special focus of this school is outreach. Students get the hands-on experience as well as the classroom training necessary to become engaged, critical educators in a number of different fields.

M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling:

Graduate students learn about today's challenges dealing with students who are at different ages, different levels of education, and from different cultural backgrounds. Students learn about the most recent techniques and theories. They learn about key methods and contemporary issues that are alive in today's schools. Students will participate in outreach programs and intern at schools to learn how to deal with students on a one-on-one basis. The core of this program is a mix of theory and pedagogy with a stressing of practical application.

M.Ed. in Instructional Media Education:

Graduate students learn how to use current media instruments and technologies to educate students from a number of different backgrounds and at different levels of education. Students will learn to analyze and interpret methods and teaching styles and will also gain an advanced understanding of today's connected media relationships. They will study trends in entertainment, research, and social networking to learn how these relate to education and how these can be utilized for the purpose of education.

Contact Information:

Address: 100 N. University Drive, Box 117, Nigh University Center, Room 404, Edmond, OK 73034-5209

Phone Number: (405) 974-3341

University of Oklahoma College of Education

This college is a perfect fit for those who are beginning in the world of education and those who have been practicing education professionals for some time. The school concentrates on outreach and practical application, as well as on pedagogical theory and the different contemporary methods of education and learning. This school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a number of different areas of specialty and concentration. Schedules are flexible for working professionals.

M.Ed in Student Personnel Services:

This degree is for graduate students who would like to move into administrative roles in the high school or college level. This program allows students to explore contemporary issues in school life. Students learn about the psychology and social expectations of today's students and also learn about the current issues affecting them. Graduate students perform role play, as well as research and engage in internship opportunities to learn from experience how today's schools work and what today's students in schools expect from faculty.

Contact Information:

Address: 820 Van Vleet Oval, Norman, OK 73019

Phone Number: (405) 325-1081

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