Oklahoma Graduate Social Work Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Oklahoma Graduate Social Work Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Oklahoma Graduate Social Work Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

School of Social Work at the University of Oklahoma

Students learn a style of social work that focuses first on the good of the community and the people who make up the community. The school also offers numerous classes in key social work topics. Students study a wide array of concentrations and concepts, including the effects of poverty, urban and rural development, cross-cultural communication, and education. Students at all levels are offered clinical experiences that prepare them for the real world profession of social work. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Master of Social Work:

Students begin this program by learning about the basic core topics in the field. Students gain an advanced understanding of how to read and utilize studies and empirical data. Students are also taught about modern challenges and issues in the field. Students work closely with other students and in groups to discuss different perspectives of economic development, multicultural neighborhoods, poverty, and family and community systems. Students also learn how to work with people one-on-one. They immerse themselves in community projects to become involved in the field of social work at the base experiential level. Students will also work on independent projects related to their field. In order to do this, students will work closely with experienced faculty members and advisors who oversee the projects and make suggestion for clinical work and for further research. Not only will students continue to research, but they will learn to analyze their own research and apply it to clinical real world settings. They master an advanced understanding of key issues in the social work field. Students who complete this program end up working in a variety of different positions. They may work in schools, for the government, for private organizations, and for non-profit community organizations.

Master of Social Work/Master of Public Health Dual Degree:

This program is for students who want to work in the social work field and concentrate in issues of public health. Students begin with a basic survey of public health systems and learn how to work with the people who use these systems. Students train as administrators. They learn how to evaluate public health systems. They also learn how analyze data concerning these systems. They also engage in clinical fieldwork that allows first-hand knowledge of how these health systems operate. Students who complete this program work in a number of different fields related to the social work and public health profession. Students may work as private consultants or they may also have positions at the government level. Many students also go on to pursue PhD degrees in similar concentrations.

Contact Information:

Address: The School of Social Work, The University of Oklahoma, 1005 S. Jenkins Avenue, Norman, OK 73019-0475

Phone Number: (405) 325-2821

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