Online Masters Programs for Working Students

Online Masters Programs for Working Students

Some of the best online Masters Degree options now available are being offered by traditional universities. Many of these 'brick and mortar' institutions have been reluctant to offer Bachelors Degree programs online, but have shown to be more amenable to offering Masters Degree programs to students who have demonstrated some academic ability by obtaining a baccalaureate at some point in their past.

Penn State World Campus is an excellent example of an online school which offers Masters Degrees programs that mesh with current careers. If you are working in production or logistics for a manufacturing or distribution firm, Penn State's online Masters in Supply Chain Management is a distance learning option that will fit into any work schedule. Teachers who want to move into educational administration may enroll in the Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and work towards a role in curriculum development.

Those are two examples of career advancement opportunities that a working person can achieve through a flexible distance learning program - and from a respected university. Boston University Online has some valuable Masters Degree options for some other widespread professions. Their Masters in Criminal Justice is a great online option for a working law enforcement professional. A challenging online degree available to those in the tech field is the Masters in Computer Information Systems. The areas of concentration available for this degree include database management & business intelligence, IT security and IT project management. The fact that this degree is available online through an established school speaks to their confidence in today's distance learning technology.

Other schools also offer business, educational and technology Masters Degree programs online and some have advanced further into specialized fields. The University of Florida Online has a Masters in Environmental Engineering that includes areas of concentration in Water Resources Planning and Management and in Water, Wastewater and Storm Water Management. For any midlevel employee in a municipal Department of Public Works, these degree programs are an excellent path to career advancement. Public employees in the human services area can turn to the University of Maryland College Online for a Masters in Health Care Administration or a Masters in Human Resource Management.

There are several MBA online degree programs available today through established institutions. If you want to minimize your tuition and utilize a state school where you live, if you're in Arizona there's the ASU Online MBA program. If you're in North Carolina there's the online MBA program at East Carolina University. If you're in Texas the University of Texas Telecampus offers an online MBA program with the option of a focus on Finance. And if you reside in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, UMassOnline delivers its MBA program through the UMass Lowell College of Management.

For the engineering fields, Northeastern University Online is particularly strong. They offer a Masters in Electrical Engineering, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters in Telecommunications Systems Management, and a Masters in Health Informatics. While the curricula for these degrees look challenging, Northeastern makes it a point to say that, "Our online graduate programs are designed with the needs of working professionals in mind. Convenience, flexibility, and practice-oriented teaching are hallmarks of our graduate programs."

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