Oregon Graduate Business Schools

Oregon Graduate Business Schools

Oregon Graduate Business Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business

The Lundquist College of Business offers a wide array of disciplines for business students who are pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. While this school does not offer PhD degree programs, the MBA can be used to prepare students for PhD programs at other business colleges. At this school, teamwork and organizational thinking are considered to be two of the most important focuses of a business education. The school offers small class sizes and close work with experienced faculty members.

Full-Time MBA:

The Full-Time MBA lasts for 21 months. The first year of the program allows students to develop a more advanced understanding of basic business ideas and concepts. This is the business core of the program. Students take classes in finance, management, economics, systems analysis, leadership, and organizational methods. Students also learn about business law and business ethics. The second year is for students to develop their own areas of expertise. Students will work closely with faculty to apply their education to real-world challenges and issues. Students are encouraged to participate in internships that prepare them for the business world.

Concurrent J.D. /MBA:

Graduate students earn two degrees simultaneously. They work in the law school and in the business school. This is perfect for students who are considering going into business law. Students will learn the challenges of both the legal aspects and operational aspects of the business world. Students who want to pursue this track will have to be accepted to both the law school and business school. Students who complete this program become consultants, agents, or open their own law firms.

Contact Information:

Address: Lundquist College of Business, 1208 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1208

Phone Number: (541) 346-3303

College of Business at Oregon State University

The school offers small class sizes and a variety of different concentrations for the business student. The school emphasizes the important of working and groups and also of group leadership. Students in this program are expected to work closely with other students and with faculty to develop an advanced knowledge and ability to apply this knowledge in a real-life context. The school offers a variety of methods for earning a degree. There are full-time and part-time options that will let both full-time students and working professionals earn their degrees. The school also emphasizes the important of research and critical thinking and decision making.

The MBA Program:

This program allows graduate students to first develop their knowledge and understanding of core business practices and ideas. Students learn basics, such as economics, finance, marketing, management, and analysis. They next learn to become leaders. Students work in group to develop real-world business plans. They integrate their knowledge and understanding of the contemporary business world into the project.

Contact Information:

Address: 200 Bexell, Corvallis, Oregon 97331-2603

Phone Number: 541-737-2551

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