Oregon Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Oregon Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Oregon Graduate Education Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Educational Leadership and School Counseling

This school stresses the importance of crossing theory with practice. Graduate students spend hours in the classroom, learning about current trends and theories of pedagogy. They also go out into the field and learn how to practically apply these theories and ideas. The school offers a wide variety of courses and disciplines for students on the undergraduate and graduate track. The school also offers flexible schedules for working professionals who are not able to drop out of the workforce in order to attend a graduate program full time. Students are encouraged to participate in reach-out programs and internships that allow them to gain experiential educations.

M.Ed in Counseling Psychology:

This program is for graduate students who would like to work with students on a one on one basis as school psychologists or as guidance counselors. Students are trained in all of the current and most up to date methods of research, pedagogy, counseling, and also trends in student behavior. Graduate students are also taught how to analyze statistics, data, and demographical information in order to make smart, critical decisions. Graduate students are also encouraged to do a large amount of fieldwork, which will prepare them to step into the field with the correct amount of experience and know-how.

PhD in Leadership:

This program is for graduate students who want to fill high level administrative positions in schools and in school districts. This program is also for students would like to achieve advanced understanding of contemporary leadership methods and theories so that they may teach at the college undergraduate and graduate level. Students engage in years of coursework in which they learn leadership and organizational psychology, pedagogy, counseling techniques, and how to work with students and parents, as well as faculty and office administration.

Contact Information:

Address: 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road, MSC 84, Portland, Oregon 97219

Phone Number: (503) 768-6080

Portland State University Graduate School of Education:

This school is located in Portland, which is a vibrant setting and presents an excellent opportunity for those interested in the art of education to learn how to work with students and faculty from a number of different backgrounds and cultures. This school places an emphasis on experiential education, which is the result of hours of internship work and work in reach-out programs. Students are encouraged to not only engage in contemporary research methods and pedagogical study, but they are also encouraged to practically apply the information and concepts.

MA in Special Education:

This program is for graduate students who want an advanced understanding of how to work with students who have special needs. Graduate students will learn current philosophies and pedagogy related to those with special needs. Students will also have to perform in the classroom and may choose from a variety of community organizations to work with.

Contact Information:

Address: PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207

Phone Number: (800) 547-8887

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