Pennsylvania Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Pennsylvania Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Pennsylvania Graduate Education Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

This school is commonly ranked among the most prestigious schools by publications such as US News and World Report. This school focuses on two facets of education. On the one hand, this school emphasizes the importance of coursework, so students can learn the most current philosophies, science, and pedagogy related to cross-cultural modern education. Students must also work on the field in order to demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of key concepts and ideas in today's education field. The school offers a wide range of disciplines and concentrations for the graduate education student.

M.S.Ed in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development:

This program is for students who want to understand human development at a number of different points and in a number of different environments. Students study current education programs and institutions and analyze statistics and results. They research and learn to utilize empirical data. They also learn to practically apply this information to get results. Students who complete this program work at a number of different levels in a number of different fields. Students go on to become teachers, school principles and administrators, and counselors. Others work for government organizations and non-profit groups. Many students also go on to pursue PhD's in similar concentrations.

PhD in Higher Education:

This program is for students who are interested in changes and development at the college and university level. Students who enroll in this program study the current marketplace and learn how the university is contributing to it. They also learn about modern challenges and issues in the college systems. Students are encouraged to perform fieldwork and research in order to both practically apply their education and skills and to better understand the workings of today's college and university systems. Students who complete this program become college and university administrators. Others work for government organizations. Some teach education at the college level.

Contact Information:

Address: Penn Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, 3700 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6216

Phone Number: (215) 898-6415

College of Education at Temple University:

Temple is located in Philadelphia and is considered one of the well-known schools in the state and the country. The College of Education trains graduate students to become practitioners as well as scholars in the field of education. Students take advantage of the city's diverse urban landscape and are encouraged to engage in clinical study and education.

M.Ed in Educational Leadership:

This program is for graduate students who would like to hold administrative positions. Students learn about a number of educational institutions and programs. They learn current pedagogy and educational methods. They learn to analyze and utilize statistical and empirical data. Students are also encouraged to engage in clinical field work that forms the grounds for an experiential learning experience.

Contact Information:

Address: 1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6091

Phone Number: (215) 204-8017

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