Rhode Island Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Rhode Island Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Rhode Island Graduate Education Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

The School of Education at the University of Rhode Island

The focus of this school is leaderships. Graduate students are taught the contemporary methods of pedagogy and leadership and also study research, statistics and empirical data so that they may make educated, critical decisions when considering both the classroom and the school at a larger, administrative scope. Students are also encouraged to engage in as much clinical fieldwork as possible. This means that they work as interns and assistants in a number of different education environments, such as schools, community groups, and non-profit organizations.

MA in Education:

This is a graduate program for students who like a more advanced understanding of contemporary teaching skills and pedagogical theories. Students begin with a core education in subjects such as pedagogy, leadership psychology, community development, and teaching science. Students also study contemporary trends in education and analyze data and research. Students are asked to choose an area of expertise. They work closely with faculty advisors and perform on the field. They participate in hours of clinical work.

PhD in Education:

Most of the graduate students in this field already have a master degree in education. This program is directed toward students who want to develop public schools in the larger scope. They concentrate on administrative duties. They also research a number of pedagogical and educational theories. They read and analyze research, statistics, and empirical data and learn how to make critical informed decisions. Students participate in independent research as well as clinical work that happens in the field. Students who complete this program work in a number of different fields. They become school administrators and also hold government positions.

Contact Information:

Address: University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881

Phone Number: (401) 874-1000

Brown University Department of Education:

Graduate students are allowed to view the world of education from a number of different perspectives. They look at education from sociological, anthropological, and economic viewpoints. Brown is considered one of the best schools in the country. This department is known for its forward-thinking faculty and students. Those who graduate from this department often hold high level positions in school districts, universities, and in the government. This department is highly competitive and offers small class sizes and opportunities for independent study.

MA in Education:

Graduate students in this program begin with a core education in which they learn about current education methods and current trends in pedagogy. Students train in current methods of research and analyze data, statistics, programs, and institutions. Students who complete this program often go on to complete PhD degrees. Others become high level administrators or hold high ranking government positions. Students are prepared to make the transition from student to educator or high-ranking administrator through a mix of research and clinical study.

Contact Information:

Address: Education Department, 340 Brook St, Box 1938, Brown University,
Providence, RI 02912

Phone Number: (401) 863-2407

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