Rhode Island Graduate Engineering Schools with Master's & PhD Degree Programs

Rhode Island Graduate Engineering Schools with Master's & PhD Degree Programs

Rhode Island Graduate Engineering Schools with Master's & PhD Degree Programs

Brown University Graduate School of Engineering

Brown is consistently ranked as one of the finest graduate schools in the nation, and should be at the top of any list of those who are interested in furthering their studies in the field of engineering. With a brilliant international faculty and a high international component to their student body as well, they manage to bring to the table some of the finest scholars in Providence, which helps them consistently stay within the US News and World Report's Top 25 Engineering Schools.

Master's in Computer Science

This Master's program covers all the various aspects of computer programming that may have already been covered in an undergraduate information technology degree. Some of the courses that are then explored in greater depth include software design, data management systems, and the facets of computer engineering.

Master of Science in Engineering

A rather general Master's degree in engineering is also offered at Brown, which will delve into the topics outlined above for the computer science program but takes this a step further. Civil engineering, applied mathematics, sustainable development, and more could all be covered in this degree program. A great deal of the coursework is left up to the student, who then is able to engage in a thesis research project to round out their studies.

Contact Information

*Address: Box 1867, 47 George St. Providence, RI 02912

*Phone: (401)-863-2600

University of Rhode Island College of Engineering

Creativity and the creative processes that fall behind engineering are heavily emphasized at this liberal arts college. The University of Rhode Island's campus is located in Kingston, RI, which allows for a small town feel, in which there is a great sense of support from fellow students and colleagues. That helps foster greater creativity, according to the Dean of the school, and the idea behind this has led to academic programs that allow some degree of interdisciplinary freedom in their engineering pursuits.

Master's of Science in Ocean Engineering

Marine geochemistry, ocean structures, and how the systems within the ocean all work together are part of this unique field of study which is offered at very few other universities. This can lead to a research project, or employment within a station abroad. While it's a small program, it's one of its only kinds in the world, and thus draws in a competitive number of applicants from various backgrounds each year.

Master's of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sustainable environmentalism is all the rage at the moment as engineers are struggling to find answers to worthwhile questions ranging from how to fight global warming, to how to protect resources that we already have. These questions and more are addressed in this program, which has received a great deal of press in the area for its research and high quality of faculty members that teach here.

Contact Information

*Address: 102 Bliss Hall, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881

*Phone: (401) 874-2816

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