South Carolina Graduate Business Schools

South Carolina Graduate Business Schools

South Carolina Graduate Business Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

The Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina

The Moore School of Business believes in the value of a hands-on training for its many undergraduate and graduate students. The school believes that it is important that all of its students first begin with core educations in which students learn the philosophy and ideas of modern day business. They also believe in the practical application of business. This is why the school works closely with a number of local and global businesses that provide students internships and even employment after college. The school offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

International MBA:

Graduate students focus on a business education that will help them to work with and communicate with a number of different people with different countries and cultures. Students begin the program by learning core business topics, such as management, economics, and finance. They also focus on leading businesses that work in cross-cultural environments. Students work closely with faculty to develop independent projects and papers. They also are encouraged to study abroad. They focus on business in an international context.

PhD in Business Administration:

Students learn to lead and work in groups. The focus of this degree is to study the modern corporation from all angles. Students study economics, corporate finance, business law, and business ethics. Students also learn to lead groups and work in organizational settings. Many students concentrate on the cross-cultural international business scene, which requires studying in other countries. Students work closely with faculty advisors who monitor their final projects. Students who complete this degree fill executive roles and teach business at prestigious colleges.

Contact Information:

Address: Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina, 1705 College Street, Columbia, SC 29208

Phone Number: N/A

University of South Carolina - Marshall Business College

This school is located in Marshall, South Carolina and is considered to be one of the best business schools in the state. Students who study at this school are introduced to both advanced business research and business thinking, as well as a wealth of opportunities to apply this education. The school offers a wide array of disciplines for undergraduate and graduate students. The school also offers a number of flexible programs for students who work full-time and cannot drop out of the workforce in order to attend school.

Master of Medical Management:

Students learn about core business issues and about the current medical industry. Students are prepared to take on and lead today's medical staff. Students take classes in economics, finance, management, leadership, and organizational psychology. Students learn about current issues and challenges in the medical field. Students are also encouraged to participate in internships that will give them the experiential education required to move ahead in today's medical industry.

Contact Information:

Address: University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

Phone Number: (213) 740-7846

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