South Carolina Graduate Teaching Schools with Mater's and PhD Degree Programs

South Carolina Graduate Teaching Schools with Mater's and PhD Degree Programs

South Carolina Graduate Teaching Schools with Mater's and PhD Degree Programs

South Carolina State University Department of Education

This department is known for its combination of pedagogical theory and teaching method with emphasis on practical application. The school offers a wide variety of concentrations and programs for students of education. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. The school also works closely with local organizations and institutions, which gives students plenty of opportunity to learn experientially. Students are encouraged to go out into the local workforce and perform and engage in internships and work-studies. The school faculty works closely with its students to prepare them for their careers.

Master of Art in Teaching:

This program is for graduate students who would like to gain advanced understanding of key pedagogical issues and teaching methods in the classroom. Students choose an area of study, such as elementary or secondary education. They take classes in core teaching methods. They also learn about new technology and software that is being used in the classroom. Students also learn about new research methods. They learn about policy, law, and ethics as they relate to experiences in the classroom. Students must engage in internships in which they practice what they learn in the coursework.

Master of Education:

This degree focuses on the broader issues of education. Students may pick a concentration of study, such as school psychology and counseling or administration. Students take core education classes in which they learn about teaching methods and pedagogical theories. Students also enter the classroom for internships and experiential training. The program focuses heavily on the crossroads of theory and practice. Students leave this program prepared to take a number of teaching and administrative roles. Many students also go on to pursue PhD degrees in education and teaching.

Contact Information:

Address: 300 College Street NE, Orangeburg SC 29117

Phone Number: (800) 260-5956

University of South Caroline Department of Education:

This school is known for its hands-on training as well as for its dedicated staff and faculty. Students at this school are prepared for careers in teaching and education. The school provides a number of potential degree tracks and areas of concentration for education students. The school offers undergraduate, master, and PhD degrees. It also offers a wealth of internship opportunities.

Master of Education in Education Technology:

Students learn about the most current trends in technology in the classroom and the library. Students also take core education classes. They learn about pedagogy, teaching method, and education science. They also engage in discussions with students and faculty members and about key issues in today's schools. Students also must participate in internships that allow them the opportunity to put the theories they learn through coursework into a real world classroom context. Students who complete this program teach classes at elementary and secondary schools. They also work in school libraries and media centers.

Contact Information:

Address: 901 Sumter St., Suite 304 Columbia, SC 29208

Phone Number: (803) 777-4243

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