South Dakota Graduate Public Health Schools

South Dakota Graduate Public Health Schools

South Dakota Graduate Schools with Public Health Masters and PhD Programs

University of South Dakota

The University of South Dakota, founded in 1862 is the state's oldest university and is located in Vermillion, South Dakota. The University of South Dakota is located on a 216 acre campus positioned along the bluffs near the Missouri River in the southeast corner of the state.

PhD in Human Factors

Human factors involves the detection of information concerning human behavior, abilities and boundaries and applies these characteristics to the design of systems, tools, machines, tasks and environments to improve efficiency, safety and efficiency in their use. The Human Factors Program offers graduate training leading to a Ph.D. degree. Students will be able to investigate individual interests within the extensive area of human factors psychology. The program is designed to provide a powerful theoretical base that can be readily applied to a range of working environments, and to prepare students for careers in business, industry and government.

PhD in Clinical Psychology

The clinical psychology program is designed to prepare clinical psychologists who are accomplished in the intersection of theory, science, and practice. It will also prepare clinical psychologists who have the correct theoretical background, skills, and experience to function as a professional in a research, clinical and academic capacity. To prepare socially responsible clinical psychologists who exhibit respect for individual and cultural differences in their offerings to the science and practice of psychology in the public health sector. The university also offers a Doctoral Specialty Track in Clinical/Disaster Psychology through the doctoral Clinical Psychology Training Program, available to students enrolled in the Clinical Training Program. The purpose of the Disaster Psychology program is the development, promotion, and application of both research and practice in disaster mental health.

Contact Information

*Address: 414 E. Clark St.Vermillion, SD 57069

*Phone: 877-269-6837

South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University was founded on February 21, 1881 as Dakota Agriculture College. It is the largest university in the state of South Dakota. The university is located in Brookings, SD and places a special focus on academic programs in agriculture, engineering, pharmacy, and nursing, as well as the liberal arts.

Master's in Counseling and Human Resources Development

The programs build upon a knowledge of public health understanding, social and behavioral concepts, theories, and applied research methods, and offer students more a focused education. The degree program prepares students who can apply social/behavioral concepts, in the assessment of public health intervention programs. The program is a master's program which enables graduates to pursue careers as mental health counselors, therapists, or school counselors. Graduates may pursue careers counseling and providing psychological services for families, adults, adolescents, and children.

Contact Information

*Address: Admissions Office Box 2201 Brookings, SD 57007

*Phone: (605) 688-4181

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