South Dakota Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

South Dakota Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

South Dakota Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of South Dakota School of Education:

This school provides some of the best hands-on job training in the country. Students can choose from a number of different concentrations and areas of study. Students can also have the opportunity to work with experienced, scholarly faculty members who will prepare them for success in their fields of study and in their careers. The school provides of a wealth of internship and experiential training opportunities, as well as access to the most contemporary technology and media being used in today's classroom.

Master of Education:

This program is for students who would like to develop a more advanced understanding of modern pedagogy and issues in today's schools, classrooms, and learning environments. The program begins with core education classes. Students learn about the most current teaching and learning trends and theories. They also learn to research data and empirical evidence, as well as policy. Students are encouraged to engage in thoughtful discussions in learning groups with students and faculty. Students are also required to participate in internships at local institutions. Students work closely with faculty members on independent projects. Students who complete this degree are prepared to become leaders in the world of teaching. They may also become administrators, policy-makers, advisors, counselors, or work in other learning institutions, such as museums and libraries.

Master of Science in Technology for Education and Training:

This degree is for students who want to further explore the potential of modern technology and media in the classroom, library, and media center. Students learn about new teaching methods and strategies and how new technology can be used to enhance these techniques. Students also learn about current issues and challenges related to incorporating technology into the classroom. Students will engage in internships in which they put these ideas into practice. Students who complete this program become librarians in schools and other institutions. They also work in school media centers and advise teachers on new methods for engaging their students in discussions and lessons.

Doctor of Education:

This program is for qualified graduate students who have already completed a master of education degree and would like to further their understanding of contemporary research and teaching methods. These students dedicate much of their study to research, policy, and data relevant to teaching and schools, as well as school systems. Students pick areas of study and work closely with faculty advisors to complete dissertations, which are presented and defended before an academic panel. Students who complete this program go on to teach and research at major universities, take high-level administrative roles, and even high profile government positions.

Contact Information:

Address: Delzell Education Center, The University of South Dakota, 414 E. Clark St., Vermillion SD 57069

Phone Number: (605) 677-5437

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