Tennessee Graduate Business Schools

Tennessee Graduate Business Schools

Tennessee Graduate Business Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

The University of Tennessee College of Business Administration

This college is the most prestigious business college in the state and offers an array of diverse fields and concentrations, many of which are ranked in the country by magazines such as Forbes and US News and World Report. The school offers a variety of disciplines for undergraduate and graduate students. Students may enroll in master or PhD programs. The school is located in Knoxville, which is a vibrant active city with many business opportunities.

Master in Human Resource Management:

Students learn the basics of business. They take courses in economics, finance, marketing, management, and leadership. Graduate students also take classes in business ethics. Students are trained with the most current methods and research procedures, such as hiring on talent and experience. Students are also taught negotiation. They learn to work with labor unions, employers, management, and executives. Students who complete this program often end up in high level staff positions. Many go on to pursue PhD degrees.

PhD in Marketing and Logistics:

Graduate students study the needs and behaviors of consumers. Much of the program is dedicated to the international global market. Students take courses in anthropology, sociology, statistics, and finance. They learn to research and work with empirical data. They also learn to apply their knowledge practically to real world contexts. Students who complete this degree program end up with a wealth of options. Many teach at the graduate level at prestigious universities. Others become executives and independent consultants. Many work in the global market.

Contact Information:

Address: 453 Haslam Business Building, Knoxville, TN 37996- 4140

Phone Number: (865) 974-5061

Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University

The Owen Graduate School of Management is part of Vanderbilt and is located in Nashville, Tennessee. This school is considered one of the well-known business schools in the country for its small class sizes, groups, and organizations. The school of business offers a wide array of concentrations for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees. The school is known for its experience and knowledgeable faculty. Many of the school's graduate students are already working professionals who want to add Vanderbilt to their resume.

Vanderbilt MBA:

Graduate students begin with a core business education. They learn about economics, systems analysis, finance, and management. Much of this program is directed toward those are already in the field and would like a greater breadth of experience. Students who pass through this program are offered high profile jobs in global corporations. Many of the students who pass through this program also pursue PhD degrees in similar fields. The program excels at matching students with employers and granting them management positions with good pay and job security.

Contact Information:

Address: Owen Graduate School of Management, 401 21st Avenue South, Nashville TN 37203

Phone number: (615) 322.2534

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