Tennessee Graduate Engineering Schools with Master's & PhD Degree Programs

Tennessee Graduate Engineering Schools with Master's & PhD Degree Programs

Tennessee Graduate Engineering Schools with Master's & PhD Degree Programs

University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Engineering

In Knoxville, Tennessee, lies one of the respected programs of engineering within the state. With all the amenities that one would come to expect from a large university such as this, there is no shortage of graduate programs and research facilities for those students who wish to pursue their love of the engineering field. Narrowing down a program from the extensive field of study is the first factor that prospective students must face.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Understanding electrical systems and how wiring works both on an individual level as well as on a greater systemic level is extremely important for students in this program. Coursework will include wiring techniques, electrical engineering basics, and structural analysis and safety tips. From there, a Master's thesis project will be completed either alone or in a group, to apply these principles and figure out how they come into play in the real world.

PhD in Computer Engineering and Systems Management

After going through a basic level of training with computer systems, those that wish to learn more and go further in this field can then think about attending the PhD in Computer Engineering and Systems Management course. This is highly recommended for those who are more interested in actually teaching down the road, because it's required that participants in this program work as teacher's assistants in a few courses before they are able to graduate. Software development is also a major component of this program.

Contact Information

*Address: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996

*Phone: (865) 974-1000

Tennessee State College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

With the extensive internship opportunities that being located right in Nashville allows, there is an extremely high job placement rate for graduates of this school. They may choose from a long list of potential Master's degree programs, or go on to a more concentrated PhD program to help complete their studies and potentially go on to the field of education.

Master's of Science in Environmental Engineering

With environmental sustainability at the top of the nation's concerns, there are plenty of new MS programs in this type of engineering. The coursework that is included may involve a look at ecosystems, engineering principles, and where the two intersect for more sustainable design. Students then participate in a research project to apply what they have learned throughout the course.

Master of Science in Computer Science

All the various factors that go into a computer science program may be covered in this extensive degree program. Students not only learn how to build their own computers, but also engage in coursework such as software design, electrical wiring techniques, and have a thesis project at the end of their program that allows them to gain the best level of hands-on experience to go out there into the real world.

Contact Information

*Address: 3500 John Merritt Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209

*Phone: (615) 963-5000

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