Tennessee Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Tennessee Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Tennessee Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Tennessee - Knoxville College of Education:

This school is considered to be one of the top colleges for education in the state of Tennessee. The school specialized in leadership training for its students, creating an environment of new students and professionals who are looking to move into top positions in their fields. The school offers a number of internship and experiential education opportunities. The school also offers a trained and highly regarded faculty who works closely with students to prepare them for the challenges of today's and tomorrow's world.

Master of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision:

This program is for students who would like to further their understanding of pedagogy and teacher studies and move into administrative positions. The program offers a variety of concentrations. Students choose an area of study and work closely with faculty to work on independent projects. Students also work in learning communities made up of other students and faculty members. Students also take internships in local public institutions that allow them to not only develop their own projects through experiential research, but to become active members of the community.

PhD in Higher Education Administration:

This program is for working professionals who are already involved in the higher education school system. These professionals want to develop their education and understanding, and therefore advance their careers. Students work in a number of different course environments to match their schedules and also perform a number of different fieldwork activities to train. Students who complete this program often enter high-level roles in their universities.

Contact Information:

Address: 335 Claxton Complex, 1122 Volunteer Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996
Phone Number: (865) 974-2201

Vanderbilt University College of Education and Human Development:

The school offers a combination of theoretical training and experiential fieldwork. The faculty is made up of world-calls professionals who have years of experience and high levels of scholarly devotion. The school offers a number of different concentrations and areas of study. It offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Master of Education in Learning and Instruction:

Graduate students learn about the newest and most effective methods of teaching and pedagogy. Students begin with classes in the core of education. They learn about new technology and new issues and challenges in the classroom. Students pick areas of concentration. They may choose grade levels and education specialties, such as literacy or math. Students also perform independent projects and participate in internships in local schools and education organizations. Students who complete this program become leaders in the field of education. Many go on to pursue PhD degrees and continue their research and scholarship.

Contact Information:

Address: Office of Graduate Admissions, Vanderbilt University, Peabody #327, Nashville, TN 37203-5721
Phone Number: (615)322-8410

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