Texas Graduate Criminal Justice Schools with Master's & Ph.D Degree Programs

Texas Graduate Criminal Justice Schools with Master's & Ph.D Degree Programs

Texas Graduate Criminal Justice Schools with Master's & Ph.D Degree Programs

University of Texas at Arlington's Graduate Criminal Justice Programs

Have you been working in the criminal justice sector for several years, but find that your lack of post baccalaureate education is keeping you from getting the opportunities and promotions that you want? They key to formulating a successful career in criminal justice is having the education necessary to achieve the management and administration positions that you desire. When you have a graduate degree in criminal justice, you'll find that it's much easier to achieve a position in which you can have a large positive impact on the system in general.

Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice

People choose the graduate criminal justice program at the University of Texas at Arlington for many reasons, so the faculty there has worked very hard to make sure that it is accessible and useful for a wide variety of student types. You'll find that some of the graduate students in the Master's program are returning professionals that simply want to expand their options and expertise. Other students are students that only recently completed their baccalaureate degree, but want to take their education further. TO accommodate both of these types of students, the program predominantly evening classes that are accessible to those that work or take care of their families during the day. Because the faculty realizes that students enter the program with different professional goals in mind, there are several options for graduation, including thesis, non-thesis project, and combined degree programs.

Contact Information:

Address: Box 19167, Arlington, Texas 76019, USA

Phone Number: 817.272.2688

Texas A&M University's Graduate Criminal Justice Programs

Although we like to think that there is a way to completely purge the world of all criminal activity, the fact of the matter is that behaving in an anti-social manner is a facet of human development that we may never understand fully. There is a large need for criminal justice professionals who understand the social science theory behind certain behaviors and issues of criminology, so that better systems can be developed for managing them.

Master of Science in Sociology and Criminal Justice

Unlike many graduate criminal justice programs, the Master of Science degree path at Texas A&M University allows students to develop a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary understanding of the way that crime and societal reactions to crime help to form the social norms within which criminal justice professionals must operate. Although many are dissatisfied with the current justice system, few realize that the only way to make it better is to institute positive changes from the inside. With this combined degree program, future criminal justice professionals will be able to achieve just that.

Contact Information:

Address: Texas A&M University-Commerce, P.O. Box 3011, Commerce, TX 75429

Phone Number: 903-886-5320

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