Texas Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Texas Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Texas Graduate Education Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Texas at Austin College of Education

Located in Austin, this program offers students a vibrant urban environment with many opportunities to learn about trends and cross-cultural education issues and challenges. The school offers a wide array of different concentrations for graduate students in education. The school believes in a cross between theory and practice. Students engage in a rigorous program that allows them to gain an advanced understanding of current pedagogical theory along with the opportunity to gain an experiential education.

Master Degree in Educational Administration:

This program is for students who wish to develop public schools at different levels of education from a large scale administrative perspective. Students begin by learning about key issues in today's educational environment. Students focus on issues such as diversity, technology, and economic inequality. Students also learn cutting-edge pedagogical methods and education techniques. Students choose a specific area of discipline and work in a clinical setting to put into practice the ideas and theories that are learned in the classroom. Students who complete this program become principles, superintendents, administrators, and hold government positions. Students also have the option to pursue PhD degrees.

PhD in Higher Education Administration:

Students learn about issues facing today's universities and colleges Students begin with core educations that teach them about pedagogical theories and educational methods as they relate to college students. Students will also analyze the current university structure in terms of sociology and economic thoughts. Students will then pick an area of expertise and conduct independent research, Students will then participate in a large amount of field work to better understand today's college environment and to participate in the issues facing today's modern college.

Contact Information:

Address: Department of Educational Administration, The University of Texas at Austin, 1 University Station D5400, Austin, Texas 78712-0374

Phone Number: (512) 471-7551

Texas A&M University College of Education

This university is one of the best universities in the country, and the college of education is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the nation. The college offers a variety of different disciplines and concentrations for the graduate education student. Students concentrate on the most cutting-edge methods and theories of education. They learn about issues and challenges facing today's schools. They also learn about modern technology and how it affects today's education system.

M.Ed. in Educational Psychology:

This program is for students who want to begin with a more advanced understanding of the psychology of education. Students study current issues and challenges to today's educational systems from psychological perspective. Students will begin with course work that teaches them about current methods. They also go on to perform rigorous clinical education that prepares them to fill administrative roles in a number of different fields in the education sector.

Contact Information:

Address: 302 Jack K. Williams Administration Building, 1113 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-1113

Phone Number: (979) 862-1692

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