Top 10 Graduate Public Administration Schools

Top 10 Graduate Public Administration Schools

Top 10 Graduate Public Management Administration Schools in the U.S.

Public administration is the art of turning politics and policy into true action. It can also affect and shape the way government is run and benefit society as a whole as well as benefit the different communities and people within society. Students who pursue graduate degrees in public administration may be able to take courses in political science, sociology, and leadership psychology as well as in other disciplines.

The following schools have been ranked by U.S. New & World Report as having the best graduate-level public administration programs in the nation in 2012 (, 2012). Each school may offer a different set of programs focusing on administration, public policy or public affairs and potentially other specialties. Students should contact their school of choice to learn what focus schools may have and what the admissions requirements may be. The U.S. News & World Report rankings are based on survey responses from academics and current professionals as well as on a comparison done of each school's yearly tuition, selectivity and enrollment rates.

1. Syracuse University (Maxwell) - Syracuse, N.Y.

2. University of Georgia - Athens, GA

3. Indiana University - Bloomington, Ind.

4. Harvard University (Kennedy) - Cambridge, Mass.

5. University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan.

6. University of Southern California (Price) - Los Angeles

7. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey - Newark, N.J.

8. American University - Washington, D.C.

9. New York University (Wagner) - New York

10. George Washington University (Trachtenberg) - Washington, D.C.

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