20 Online Masters Programs & Rankings at Traditional Universities

20 Online Masters Programs & Rankings at Traditional Universities

Every year more traditional universities adopt online education as a reliable, quality option for delivering higher education. At this point many of them still opt to deliver only individual courses, but each fall more schools have opened up their online programs to include entire degree programs. The list below includes those schools that currently have the most comprehensive offerings for masters (ms degree) programs, presented in no particular order or ranking.

The academic requirements for enrolling vary from school to school; most expect incoming online graduate students to meet their overall academic standards. Those rules change yearly also, however, as do requirements for transferrable credits. Online graduate work is a study of academics in motion, driven by rapid improvements in technology, by the need among traditional schools to reach out, and by the vast number of people in the United States that want to improve their academic credentials.

1. Penn State World Campus has an excellent online education program. The online version of Penn State offers thirty six degree programs, twenty of which are masters degrees. You can utilize their distance learning institution to complete a masters in software engineering, a masters in public administration, an MBA or a variety of other academic disciplines.

2. The State University of New York (SUNY) has developed the SUNY Learning Network, which offers online degree programs that are generated from its various campuses. Certain campuses offer certain online degrees, so you must enroll at the campus offering your online degree choice regardless of where you live. The Network offers nineteen masters degree programs, including a degree in library science from the University at Buffalo and an MBA program developed by Empire State College.

3. The University of Illinois Online has thirty five masters degree options available in its distance learning catalogue. Ten of those degrees are in the field of education, covering some sophisticated specialties that aren't always found in university catalogues. The Ed.M. in Human Resource Education with a Concentration in eLearning is an example, a program designed to provide the skills necessary to teach other educators how to implement and utilize eLearning resources.

4. The University of Massachusetts has developed UMassOnline as its distance learning structure, currently providing twenty three masters degree options. While most courses originate from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, your location is not important unless you select a blended program such as their Master of Science Clinical Nurse Leader. The online MBA program offers concentrations in Accounting, Finance and Information Technology.

5. The Boston University Distance Education program has a dozen masters degree programs available, some of which reflect the unique environment of Boston's cultural base and history. The online Masters of Music in Music Education teaches music theory and musicology to aspiring music educators.

6. University of Maryland University College has a long and venerable history of higher education outreach in the state. Today it has also assumed the role of online education provider for the University's distance learning students. There are forty five online masters degree programs available through the University of Maryland University College, including several IT and Biotech options and some excellent choices in the Accounting and Finance fields.

7. Northeastern University Online has quietly developed one of the more comprehensive online graduate programs in the country. Their masters degree choices online include several in the engineering field, a degree in medical regulatory affairs and an online MBA program.

8. The University of Florida Distance Learning Program includes forty four masters degree options that include some impressive options in the fields of mechanical and aerospace engineering, pharmaceuticals and environmental engineering. Their dual degree program that results in an MBA and a Masters of Science in Pharmacy with a concentration in the pharmaceutical business is an unusual educational opportunity for a very lucrative career path.

9. Arizona State University has developed ASU Online as its institutional structure for distance learning options through the school. The twenty two masters degrees offered through ASU Online include some interesting engineering options such as the Master of Science in Engineering - Enterprise Systems Innovation and Management.

10. University of North Carolina Online has a remarkable lineup of masters degree programs online. There are fifteen online Masters in Engineering degrees alone, ranging from software to aerospace to materials. The health options include nine specialization options for the Masters in Nursing degree. These programs emanate from one of the sixteen University campuses; you must enroll in the appropriate school in order to qualify for the online masters degree you are seeking.

11. Old Dominion University has a Distance Learning Program that encompasses thirty eight masters degree options. Their online graduate degrees are particularly strong in the education field, and they have excellent choices for online masters degrees in engineering as well.

12. Drexel University Online has an extensive online education program that includes forty two masters degree options. Drexel offers some practical areas of study not found in many schools and valuable to those seeking careers in the related fields. You can obtain an online Masters in Hospitality Management from Drexel, as well as online graduate degrees in Clinical Trials Research and Sport Management.

13. The New Mexico State University Distance Education Program has an extensive degree program that includes seventeen options for online masters degrees. The program is particularly strong in education, offering online degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and a Masters in Education Administration with focus on community college and university management.

14. The Ball State University Online and Distance Learning center that includes nineteen masters degree choices. There are some excellent choices for students interested in teaching careers, particularly specialized teaching careers. The online Masters of Arts in Technology Education prepares you for teaching one in one of the vital academic disciplines that continues to evolve today. Other choices include a masters in physical education with emphasis on coaching and a degree in educational psychology.

15. Michigan State University offers over one hundred courses delivered via the internet. They currently have fifteen online masters degree programs, which include several options in the field of nursing and a Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management that is offered through the Broad School of Business.

16. George Washington University has developed a good online program for course delivery and has expanded it to include twenty masters degree options. The health science options are particularly interesting, with choices that range from regulatory affairs to clinical management and leadership.

17. The Colorado State University Distance Learning program includes fourteen online masters degree programs and another fourteen programs that are blended, requiring some on-campus participation at one of the six campuses. You can get an online Masters in Civil Engineering from CSU or enroll in their distance learning MBA program.

18. The University of Texas TeleCampus has a number of options for completion of bachelor degrees and twelve masters degree programs offered through this distance learning outlet. The University of Texas MBA degree is available online through the TeleCampus, and there is a separate online Global MBA program offered through the University of Texas at Dallas.

19. Virginia Tech University operates the VTOnline department which currently offers ten masters degree programs delivered through online technology and an additional six graduate degrees available through interactive videoconferencing. The online catalog includes the unusual option of a Masters Degree in Ocean Engineering, while the videoconferencing technology is utilized for several graduate programs in engineering.

20. Florida State University Online has eighteen masters degree programs available. Their online MBA program is available with areas of concentration that include risk management, real estate, marketing, and information systems. They also offer two online Masters in Nursing programs, including a Family Nurse Practitioner course of study for which the clinical experience necessary is arranged in the student's home town.

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