Top 25 Blog Posts Offering Advice for Grad Students

Top 25 Blog Posts Offering Advice for Grad Students

Grad students have their own set of concerns that goes beyond what typical college guides offer. They are more mature and may have already been in the working world for years, and as a result going back to school will require a fresh eye on the college experience. These 25 blog posts explore the themes that are relevant to grad students of today.

Financial Advice and Career Advancement

Financing grad school can be tough. Here are some tips for the job search, paying off student loans, and managing the financial aspect of college.

  1. Graduate Students and Student Debt: Before signing up for grad school, it can be a good idea to take a look at what your student debt situation might look like.
  2. Student Loan Repayment Help: This finance blog post discusses different options out there to help grad students start to plan their repayment plans.
  3. How to Tackle Back to School Shopping without Breaking the Bank: When going back to school, setting a budget can help.
  4. How to Become a Millionaire: An article for recent grads about how to make your first million.
  5. The Everything Personal Finance in your 20's and 30's: A guide to personal finance for grad students and young professionals.
  6. New Graduate Tax could end Student Loans: An interesting insight into student loan debt in the UK.
  7. About Graduate School Funding: This is a straightforward guide to finding funding for your graduate school needs, with information about loans, scholarships, and more.
  8. Grad Student Employment: A look at the options for work-study and internships in order to fund grad school.
  9. Building a Car Fund for Graduate Students: How to make money online as a grad student to pay back loans.
  10. Graduate School and Low Interest Loans: Locking in low interest rates while still in school is extremely important for affordable repayment plans down the road.
  11. Loan Options for Less than Half Time Students: It can be difficult to get loans when you're not going to school full time, but this article shows you how.
  12. Financial Tools for Grad Students: This is a full financial blog that gives useful advice.
  13. Undercount of Student Debt Default Rates: A post that talks about the danger of defaulting on loans and how that number keeps changing.
  14. Economy Tough on International Students: International students have their own set of financial concerns to worry about.
  15. Sources of Funds for Students in the US: This blog post looks at funding available both for international students and others.

Study Advice and Technology

A grad student will need to be able to combine work, study, and a social life, sometimes all at the same time. Technology and the rise of social media have started to factor into this as well. These blogs offer some hints to help balance new media and old-fashioned studying.

  1. Can Being a Lowly Graduate Student Kill You?: A look into the psychological aspect of going back to school.
  2. Creating Balance in Your Life: The "glamorous grad student" discusses how to find that balance in between studying and having a social life.
  3. Ten Reasons why Grad Students should Blog: A look at how blogging during graduate school can keep you focused and connected.
  4. Advice for Grad Students: This is a holistic look at advice for the graduate student, including memory and study tricks.
  5. The Super-Single Graduate Student: This is a post on the NY Magazine website for single students looking for love.
  6. Rice and Beans for Grad Students: A timeless recipe and rumination on the poverty of grad students.
  7. Advice for Philosophy Students about Publishing: This is a blog post that is meant to give advice not only to philosophy grad students, but others that wish to publish their academic work.
  8. Don't Try to Dodge the Recession with Grad School: This examines what the right and wrong reasons are for going back to school.
  9. Ten Ways to Recycle Old Books: Craft and recycling ideas for old books when you have finished studying.
  10. Advice to a Young Grad Student: An article that speaks about the challenges facing grad students in terms of research methods.