Top 5 West Coast Graduate Schools

5 Best West Coast Graduate Schools

Harvard. Yale. Princeton. Brown. Cornell. Columbia. Penn. Dartmouth. The Ivy League. These eight universities usually dominate the conversation when it comes to academic excellence in higher education. Although they may dominate the East Coast, they are not the only players in the game.

In 2013, U.S. News & World Report released their rankings of the best graduate schools for law, medicine, engineering, education, business and more. Joining their East Coast counterparts are a number of West Coast universities, including Stanford University, University of Washington, UC Berkeley and more.

The schools were ranked on various factors such as admissions selectivity, job-placement statistics and expert input. The following list of schools is based on their total scores from U.S. News and World Report's 2014 Best Graduate Schools Rankings.

Stanford University

  • Business, 1st
  • Computer Science, 1st
  • Education, 5th
  • Engineering, 2nd
  • Law, 2nd
  • Medicine, 2nd

University of California-Berkeley

  • Business, 7th
  • Education, 12th
  • Engineering, 3rd
  • English, 1st
  • Law, 9th
  • Part-time MBA, 1st

University of Washington

  • Business, 23rd
  • Education, 12th
  • Engineering, 25th
  • Law, 28th
  • Medicine (primary care), 1st

University of San Francisco

  • Biological Sciences, 7th
  • Medicine, 4th
  • Nursing, 4th
  • Pharmacy, 1st

University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

  • Business, 14th
  • Engineering, 16th
  • Executive MBA, 7th
  • Finance, 10th
  • Part-time MBA, 5th
  • Education, 8th
  • Law, 17th