Top 50 Most Popular Jobs for Masters Degree Graduates

Top 50 Most Popular Jobs for Masters Degree Graduates

1. Advanced Practice Nurse can be anyone with an MSN specializing in clinical nursing, nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist or any of the sub-specialties that exist in those fields. There are few degrees as versatile as a Master of Science in Nursing.

2. Application Systems Analyst provides the ability to puzzle out software problems, needs and integration. As computers and networking products have become commodities, software has become the key to managing information usage, management, storage and security.

3. Asset Management is a fiercely competitive position in investment banks, commercial banks and venture capital funds. It is one of those job titles that fits into several areas of the finance sector and extends into business management in VC firms that take an active role in strategic management for the firms they invest in.

4. Budget Director can be a position in business but is more likely to be a government position. Graduates with a MAcc degree or a Masters of Accounting and Finance may work in the profession; budget directors also become auditors as necessary in many government assignments.

5. Chemical Engineer professionals enjoy the most lucrative engineering options coming out of an undergraduate program. Those who move on to a MS in Chemical Engineering have options in biotech and in pharmaceutical companies who need management personnel in production and in research.

6. City Manager jobs generally require years of experience in municipal government working up the management ladder. That is why the Masters of Public Administration degree is a popular choice for mid-career professionals who came into government with a bachelor's degree.

7. Civil Engineer is by far the most popular engineering option in college and the engineering field with the most job opportunities. A graduate degree in civil engineering is a natural path to lucrative opportunities in construction and project management.

8. Clinical Laboratory Manager positions require maintaining the critical performance and maintenance standards that are essential in a pathology lab. Employers look for MS degrees when hiring for this position because a macro perspective on lab operation is the nature of the job.

9. Clinical Nurse Specialist is one of the MSN degree specialties that can lead to a variety of professional options. Acute care clinical nurse specialists work in ICU; cardiovascular clinical nurse specialists work with cardiologists and heart patients; the choices are numerous.

10. Computer Engineer is a great middle of the road IT career because a graduate with this degree can move in several directions. Designing computers is not limited to PCs and laptops. Computer engineers design industrial production systems, healthcare information systems and provide expertise in many other industries,

11. Computer Science with a master's degree often leads to research opportunities, which in turn is a precursor for product development work. Many computer scientists have walked out of the lab with licensed technology and founded highly successful firms.

12. Construction Engineer degrees open up options in project oversight that pay very well due to the value of a well run construction project to the developer. Construction engineers know how to build a project and also how to develop a critical path chart, manage a supply chain and work with environmental engineers to solve intractable problems.

13. Corporate Communications has mid-level positions for professionals that turn out the press releases and internal communication in a corporate environment. A Director of Corporate Communications is responsible for the strategy behind public communications, internal information flow, annual reports and often for investor relations.

14. Certified Public Accountant professionals gain masters degrees through the programs that provide the extra class work required of people with a Bachelor of Accounting degree who want to sit for the CPA licensure exam. From there, it can be a career path to a Main Street accounting firm or a career in corporate accounting and finance.

15. Curriculum and Instruction educators often enroll in this Masters program in order to move into one of the primary administrative roles in public education today. It's a standard mid-career move for teachers who wish to get into a management position.

16. Director of Information Assurance is the key player in information network and system management today because data protection has become of primary importance for both private and public institutions. Keeping up with security technology is the ongoing challenge in this field.

17. Education Technology is no longer a function of setting up a screen and a slide machine. Specialists in this field find jobs with schools and school districts, bringing an important specialization to educational delivery. It has become a staple of graduate programs in education.

18. Electronics Engineer graduates with a MS land in technology fields related to computers and digital systems more often than not. It's a versatile degree that can lead to research, product design, biotechnology and several other fast moving, tech oriented business sectors.

19. Environmental Engineer is a career with many opportunities in the public sector. There are also consulting roles working with architects and developers on project mitigation. The definition of this profession is still expanding.

20. Financial Analyst may be an investment analyst, securities analyst, research analyst or senior advisor depending on the employer. In all cases it requires an MBA or a Master of Finance and in virtually all cases it is a lucrative career, which is why positions in the field are so competitive.

21. Health Informatics professionals are in high demand today. A graduate education in the field will lead to implementing clinical solutions for information management, guiding physicians and health administrators alike through the IT minefield that HIPAA and managed care have created.

22. Human Resources Director is a senior position that requires a graduate degree because of the expanding number of functions housed in an HR department today. The job covers more than hiring and firing: employee training, operations analysis and benefits management are also standard features of the job.

23. Industrial Engineer is a graduate option for anyone interested in operations management within an industrial setting. The engineering of today's production lines has become a key to productivity, to quality control and even to personnel management.

24. Information Technology Director is one step down from the Chief Technology Officer which is why a graduate degree is required on the resume. Detailed knowledge of database and networking technology is critical, and working knowledge of popular software programs and languages is also part of the job.

25. Investment Analyst is often an entry level position for MBAs who are interviewing with investment banks and securities houses. Opportunities with commercial banks exist for professionals who want to work at the retail level with important customers.

26. Investment Broker is the job title made infamous by the derivatives salesmen on Wall Street over the past two years. It is also one of the most sought after jobs in the MBA world because of its remarkably lucrative potential.

27. Investor Relations requires working with investment managers of every stripe, from venture capital analysts to retirement fund managers. Employers that manage public companies and firms with limited partnerships are all in need of someone to fill this role.

28. Licensed Social Worker is the goal of every MSW student. The job market for graduates shows no signs of abating; licensed social workers can find work in public health, social work, addiction counseling and a number of similar roles that call for certification as a counselor.

29. Marketing Director positions open up more readily today to MBA graduates with a marketing major who are trained in contemporary marketing options. One of the principal challenges in this profession is harnessing the explosion of online social networking sites and the advertising protocols of the search engines.

30. Marriage and Family Therapist has become a profession undergoing rapid growth. Although changes in insurance coverage have put constraints on professional counseling, more families and couples are seeking it out as the social stigma has fallen away.

31. Medical informatics is an intriguing field as it mixes microbiology, physics, chemistry and technology into the task of managing clinical research data. It is an important field in biotech and has become a mainstream function for many medical centers as well.

32. MIS Director is the classic title for a data systems manager who has oversight of information systems design, flow, capacity and maintenance. It's a senior position for which employers generally want to see an MS in database or information management.

33. Network Analyst/Manager is responsible for network oversight, maintenance, expansion, integration and scaling up. Network managers are also often in charge of database management and data capacity management.

34. Nurse Practitioner graduates can work in pediatrics, gerontology, acute care, oncology, women's health or family practice. They can work in a physician's office, a hospital, an emergency room or an extended care facility. It's a medical practice without seven years of medical school.

35. Occupational Therapist work requires versatility because it requires engaging with children, with seniors and with all manner of physical and neural difficulties. It is an excellent career for someone who would like to work on contract with more than one facility and control weekly hours.

36. Personal Finance Advisor is an interesting professional choice because it has rapidly become a middle-class service over the past fifteen years. People with limited retirement assets are using personal financial advisors who have opened up Main Street shops and acquired the licenses to sell insurance, annuities, securities and stocks. It's still a lucrative position with investment banks as well.

37. Physical Therapist is a popular professional choice because of the options available in the field. Many physical therapists are self employed, seeing clients on a full or part time basis. Others work in various clinical and medical settings. A Masters Degree is required for licensure.

38. Physician Assistant professionals are revolutionizing the doctor's office in the same fashion that nurse practitioners have. A physician assistant works under nominal medical supervision seeing patients, diagnosing, treating and prescribing. Job growth is in the forty percent range over the next decade.

39. Private Equity Analyst is one of those highly sought after positions for MBA graduates which is why it is on this list. Venture capital firms will hire new MBAs for junior assignments as analysts and on-site managers for firms in which they have invested; eventually these roles can lead to a staff analyst position which can be very rewarding.

40. Procurement/Supply Chain Manager is one of the business management roles that have emerged as critical with the globalization of the economy leading to offshore production facilities and the use of logistics to manage inventory levels. It's a great choice for people who like to plan.

41. Project Manager is a generic term for a senior civil engineer, a network engineer, an operations specialist with industrial engineering background or a database analyst and manager. Project management is an important component of graduate programs in all of these fields as well as any MBA program.

42. Public Administration can mean a multitude of career options for a graduate with an MPA. It has become an enormously popular academic option for incoming students and for mid-career government workers seeking management credentials.

43. Public Health Management careers are often a choice for MSN graduates. But the Master of Public Health (MPH) is another public service credential that attracts students with a baccalaureate and mid-career health professionals because of the ballooning importance of public health services.

44. Public Policy Analyst is usually a graduate with a Masters in Public Policy (MPP). It is primarily a government position but there are roles for policy analysts at every level of government in finance, community development, economic development and administration.

45. Risk Management and Insurance is one of the mainstream choices for an MBA area of concentration. Graduates with expertise in this field work in risk analysis for corporations and insurance companies, assessing investment risk in the corporate suite.

46. School Principal jobs are a challenge in the face of shrinking budgets but it's a great management position for someone who loves education. The graduate programs in Educational Leadership often have a track for state licensure.

47. Software Engineering Manager may work in a consulting role or within a corporation with substantial IT needs. The job involves integrating software for existing networks, analyzing and solving software problems, writing code to accomplish upgrades, changes or merging - it's a position that requires the perspective of oversight for an entire network.

48. Special Education is a teaching field that requires some advanced training for licensure in many states. It also requires a lot of compassion and love of teaching, but offers commensurate rewards.

49. Systems Analyst may hold an MS in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering or any of those with a specialization in networks. Usually this job is with a consulting firm which hires out to corporations in need of an IT overhaul. Some work with financial firms as system administrators and analysts.

50. Teachers are required to have a master's degree for licensure in some states, not in others. In some states high school teachers must have a master's degree. In any case, an education career is going to go farther with a M.Ed. because the move into management work may not require additional college work.