Utah Graduate Social Work Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Utah Graduate Social Work Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Utah Graduate Social Work Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

The College of Social Work at the University of Utah

This school is considered one of the best social work schools in the country. The school offers a wide variety of disciplines and concentrations for students who are pursuing degrees in the social work field. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and allows the students in the school to participate in fieldwork. Fieldwork is at the core of this social work program. Students learn in the organizations that exist within the communities they study. The school offers master and PhD degree programs in social work.

Master in Social Work:

This program begins with a core education. This means that students learn about key issues in the social work field. They earn about social justice and social inequality. They study a number of different policies. They study the effects of poverty and multicultural environments on the community. They also learn the most current methods of research and analysis. Students pick an area of concentration and work closely with faculty members to create independent projects. Students participate in fieldwork that offers them the experience they need to excel in the profession. Students leave this program with an understanding of the social work field. Many go on to work in organizations and institutions. Others concentrate on policy or pursue PhD degrees.

PhD in Social Work:

This degree is for students who have already earned master degrees in social work. This program is directed toward students who are interested in advanced scholarship. Students choose an area of concentration and begin with an advanced education in core concepts. Students work in the field to enhance their own research. Students work closely with faculty advisors. Students who complete this program go on to teach at the college level. Students who complete this program also go on to write policy.

Contact Information:

Address: 395 South 1500 East #111, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Phone Number: (801) 581-6192

Utah State University Department of Social Work:

This department is considered one of the best departments in the state. The focus of this department is to teach students the integration of social work theory into social work practice. Students who enroll in this school have a wide variety of concentrations to choose from. Students in the school may enroll in both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students study in classrooms in on the field in community organizations.

Master of Social Work:

This program is for students who want an advanced understanding of social work. They begin with a core education that includes the analysis of policy and the incorporation of the most cutting-edge research methods. Students choose individual areas of expertise and study closely with faculty advisors who help to direct them. Students who complete this program work in community organizations and institutions and sometimes go on to pursue PhD degrees.

Contact Information:

Address: Utah State University, Social Work Program, 0730 Old Main Hill Logan, UT 84322-0730

Phone Number: (435) 797-1230

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