Vermont Graduate Public Health Schools

Vermont Graduate Public Health Schools

Vermont Graduate Public Health Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Goddard College's Graduate Public Health Programs

Located on a previous working farm site in Vermont, Goddard College was the first low-residency degree program to be established in the country. This progressive student-centered approach requires an eight-day intensive residency at the beginning of each semester, after which the students study independently at their home or another location following a learner-designed curriculum guided by a faculty mentor. The model that this private institution has adopted creates an environment that encourages students to be creative, self-directed, and independent-minded learners.

Master's in Health Arts and Sciences

Students pursuing a Master's in Health Arts and Sciences will be joining a program entitled "Bridging Nature, Culture, and Healing." Each student with one or more faculty mentors will build a self-directed curriculum, combining health sciences, holistic medicine, and culturally diverse perspectives on healing, with an emphasis on self-reflection and developing awareness. Different topics of study might include ethical care, cultural contexts of healing, and ecological contexts of healing.

Contact Information

*Address: 123 Pitkin Road, Plainfield, VT 05667

* Phone Number: (802) 454-8311

Marlboro College's Graduate Public Health Programs

Promoting independent-minded learners and clear thinkers, Marlboro College is a small liberal arts college which offers students an alternative, student-focused approach to higher learning. Each student plans his or her own program of study through collaboration with a faculty member. The Graduate School, located in nearby Brattleboro, Vermont, was formed with the same guiding principles.

Master's in Management - Health Care Administration

Qualified graduate students can pursue a Master of Science with an emphasis in Health Care Administration, which focuses on the many complex matters facing health care and how to deal with them effectively. Courses include organizational management and leadership, organizational communication, negotiations and conflict resolution, healthcare ethics, financial accounting for healthcare, and legal issues in healthcare.

Contact Information

*Address: 28 Vernon Street, Suite 120. Brattleboro, VT 05301

*Phone Number: (802) 258-9200

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