Vermont Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Vermont Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Vermont Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Vermont College of Education and Social Services

This college is recognized as being one of the top centers for educating teaching and educating professionals in the state of Vermont. The college focuses on the importance of theory crossed with practical application. This means that students spend hours in their own classrooms, developing an understanding of pedagogical theory and practice, but they also participate in internships that allow the college to give back to the community, and allow students the experience they need to transition easily into the professional world. The school offers a wide variety of concentrations and a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction:

This program is for graduate students who want to excel in classroom teachings and also pursue a more advanced understanding of teaching theory and method. The program begins with core education classes. Students are encouraged to engage in discussions in learning groups made up of faculty and fellow students. Students are also encouraged to participate in internships at a number of local schools and educational organizations. Students practice the most cutting-edge research methods and also use the newest educational technology, software, and media. Students who complete this program are prepared to act as leaders in the education field. Many go on to pursue PhD degrees.

Master of Art in Teaching:

This program is for students who want to teach at elementary and secondary schools. The program begins with a core education in education basics. Students learn about teaching methods, as well as new technology and new research. Students discuss current issues and challenges in today's education field. Students learn about the economic and psychological effects of schools on some children, as well as ethics and teacher responsibility. Students also intern for a year in the classroom in order to get an experiential education.

Contact Information:

Address: The University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405

Phone Number: (802) 656-3131

Goddard College Department of Education:

This college is forward thinking and known for its emphasis on creativity. The school offers several programs for undergraduate and graduate students. The school has small classes and offers online and low-residency programs for working professionals. The school believes in developing close relationships between students and faculty in order to create students who can learn about themselves as they find their ways to their careers.

Master of Art in Education and Licensure:

This is a low-residency program, which means that it is designed for students who already have jobs and other obligations that stop them from attending the program full-time. Courses are on campus only some of the time, meaning that students can have much flexibility when it comes to their schedules. The program is developed for students who would like to move into the field of education. The courses involve the teaching of cross-cultural communication, diversity in the classroom, and consciousness of students' needs and identities.

Contact Information:

Address: 123 Pitkin Road, Plainfield, Vermont 05667

Phone Number: (800) 468-4888

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